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He was in a movie as well, entitled Once in Chunuck Bay (AKA Chunuk Bair (1992).

Other television roles followed, including a guest starring role in the series "White Fang" (1993).

Eventually, he moved to Auckland where a number of guest roles in NZ television followed.

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Karl's biggest role yet is Leonard "Bones" Mc Coy in "Star Trek" (2009).

He also portrayed four different roles on Xena: Warrior Princess (1995), which also co-starred Manu Bennett.

Aragorn and Éomer met again as Aragorn had predicted to fight side by side at the defense of Helm's Deep.

After the battle for Helm's Deep he also rode to Minas Tirith to help in the defense of the city.

After the death of King Theoden and the injuring of Éowyn, Éomer was overcome with anger as he led the Riders of the Mark to fight the enemy.


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