Women with daddy issues dating older men

as a woman i would just watch certain signs..men like younger women cause they figure they can train them.....a younger woman is going to be more into her man then someone his own age....

She told Neither Condo nor Sarkozy are exactly what I’d call lookers. I mean, Sarkozy and MK were gloriously married in a private ceremony at their “residence,” where there were “bowls of cigarettes” places around the room.

I know smoking is bad for you and all, but I would have loved to lounge around and eat and smoke all night.

You can joke about “daddy issues,” but just about everyone has them as far as I can tell, so that isn’t necessarily a factor.

Someone doesn’t have to be fucked up to want to date older dudes.

Whether they're sociopaths who aren't in touch with their emotions or jet setters forced to constantly be on the move for their jobs, you love chasing someone who’s inherently unattainable. You let them reprimand you when you make stupid mistakes. After growing up without a strong male figure, you’ve realized — the hard way — that a strong, independent woman is more than capable of handling things on her own.