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Silvia, a 30-year-old translator of Russian and Romanian living in Miami, says she joined rival Sugar after ending a relationship over finances. "I'm so used to the role reversal, I don't think I would know where to start." That's great for now, but if Candice ever changes her mind, there's Cougar, the "dating site for younger hot men to meet sexy older professional women!

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However, only 33% of dating site users are dating someone from that site.

While all the data used in the infographic might not be 100% correct it does prove to be an interesting read.

It seems that on-line gamers have higher scores in dating than subscribers to on-line dating services.

Now I don't feel so bad about the hours I spend on Empire Earth ...

Jaime, a 40-year-old graphic artist in Texas, is hoping to find someone who doesn't mind her spending 10 hours or so a week playing World of Warcraft.