Wpf status bar text not updating

But you do not have to "code" in XAML - you can just as well add your buttons and your status bar in C# code - it is just removes the visual part from Visual Studio.

there is a lot of talk about how excellent this separation of code and design is - but as a code-centered person I am a bit bothered with how much code you can put into the XAML.

In WPF, we have been provided with the Dispatcher mechanism. In the above code, I am using Dispatcher thread for Progress Bar control and updating List Box control by adding files in it.

wpf status bar text not updating-66

The below image shows what it is like editing a button inside Visual Studio.

As you can see the XAML code contains a declaration of a button (inside a toolbar (inside a toolbar tray (inside a dock panel (inside a window)))).

I first think that this will be an easy demo to build: I just have to use the x: Static extension as a source in a Binding and tada this is over! On the contrary, I had to put an instance object on which my static property is defined in the resource and use it as the source of the Binding.

In the demo project, I have created an object named Repository which defines a static property named “Color”. In general, most ways of assigning a value to the property don’t do change propagation. ) people still want the 4.0 behavior, with no change propagation, if only because it’s cheaper. The bracker are mandatory for it to work and the XAML processor complains something about attached properties which does not exists: just ignore it.

The reason I am doing this is to provide user experience to the end user in a way that when files are getting copied in the target listbox, the Progress Bar will show the progress and the Text Block ‘txt File Copied’ will show files copied.