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He smiled at her and pushed the hair out of her face.

” DJ asked pulling her body down onto his reading himself for round two.“I’ll just break up with him. ”“We’ll see.” DJ said kissing her lips.“I can’t believe Asia’s not gonna be able to come to school next semester. ”“That’s what I said.”“You think Miss Jenkins took it? Or the only thing I can think of is that Vannessa didn’t want to start trouble again.” Devon said kissing on DJ’s body.“I don’t know but Asia’s been all cool about the fight thing. ” DJ asked while putting on his jeans as well.“Yeah I’ve got a date with Trey tonight anyway.”“Be careful all right.” He said pulling her closer before kissing her lips.

He so desperately wanted to get rid of everything that reminded him of her; her name, her face, her smile, and anything.

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NFNC[Noelle Fiction Novel Collection]©2009 Author's Note::; I know I've been gone for a whilebut I'm kind of back for now with an update. I've been neglecting it since I've been so busy with work && whatnot buthere's an overdue update. :)Love-Noelle :; B r e a k D A N C E;:[R]{a Chris Brown Novel)“Mm faster.” Devon moaned and DJ obliged. I was thinking maybe we should start dating.”“What about Trey? It’s just crazy though.”“I don’t know either.” Devon said kissing DJ’s ear trying to get him into starting round two.“But you know what’s weird, Vannessa and Nichole didn’t show up even though Asia asked Vannessa to perform in the benefit. ” DJ asked sitting up.“I bet they probably set something up. I guess she figured fighting her again wouldn’t do anything except get her into more trouble.” Devon said agreeing with DJ.“I don’t know but some things are not adding up. Come on we got to go to A’s house anyway for rehearsal.”“Nah I’ll just go home.” Devon said putting her clothes back on.“You sure?

They weren’t ‘together’ yet but they started messing around the week before thanksgiving.

: WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF:» I died from natural causes:» I said I liked you:» I kissed you:» I lived next door to you:» I started smoking:» I stole something:» I was hospitalized:» I ran away from home:» I got into a fight and you weren't there: But everyone was laughing at me... I decided to come back to this journal because it brought back a lot of memories and made me think of things I miss/want/need at this point.

I'm in love with this journal and I keep reading it like a maniac and its re-assuring I guess.

Anyways..she tells me that I have to call my dad and my grandpa. ...sometimes I swear I just don't know what my purpose is on this earth...